Get Going

Celebration Open Day Tuesday 3rd July Mussselburgh Sports Centre 2-4pm Do you want to know more about Get Going?

This family healthy lifestyle programme aims to encourage children to get active, eat well and work towards a healthy weight. This is a fantastic opportunity for families, particularly those with any concerns about healthy weight, to come and learn more about the programme and ask questions in a very relaxed atmosphere.

During a fun packed couple of hours you will get to take part in lots of fun activities as a family and individually, look round the market place, make smoothies, enjoy fruit tasting and leave with lots of goodies from water bottles to a 5 a day fruit bag. Come as a family and enjoy the start of the summer holidays with a healthy kick. Places need to be booked in advance and tickets will be sent out prior to the day.

To book your place, please contact:- Caroline Kaye Tel: 01620 828 760 / 07530 311 852 Email: by Friday June 29th.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear for taking part in physical activity.

Home to School Transport Problems Contact information

Any problem with Home to School transport must be reported on the day of the occurrence to allow investigation and circumstances to be clear.

Therefore, please use the following means of registering any problem; do not phone the company direct in the first instance.

The main contact is Andrew Mclellan Transport Officer 01620 827700

Or email

If you are experiencing difficulty getting through on Andrew Mclellan’s number please try:

  • 01620 827303             Alan Kelley
  • 01620 827660             David Kerr
  • 01620 827367             Adele King
  • 01620 827737             Diana Budziosz























P5/6 go Geocaching to learn about compass bearings

On the 19th of April 2012 primary 5/6 went to the Haddington war memorial. We made a square around the memorial and said a prayer then had a minute’s silence. We put our tissue paper flowers we had made next to the real flowers around the memorial.

Taking our flowers to lay at the War Memorial
Saying a prayer for those who died from Haddington, during World War
Thinking of the brother of Ciaran's Gran, Lt. Segt. D. Young


After that we went to the Church of Scotland to see the damage that had happened when England and Scotland were at war many years ago. The Church used to have a steeple but when the English attacked Scotland they came to Haddington and destroyed most of Haddington including some of the Church. Then we set out for our Geocaching which is where boxes are hidden all over the world and those who find it can take something out as long as they put something in, then you would record it in the notebook inside the box and on the geocache website. The one we were looking for was called, “The Beaten Steeple.” We found it near a tree under some leaves, the person who found it was Elliot.

Finding our geocache!
A successful adventure!

Reported by Molly and Elliot