The SEPA team visit St Mary’s

SEPA stands for Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Today they came to talk to Primaries 5 to 7, about Flooding, and what we can to help our environment. Our visitors made it easy to remember the information they were telling us, by being so funny.
SEPA had its own website for kids:, which is worth having a look at.

Talking Text

In our I.T lessons we have been looking at ‘talking text’ We have to write first what it is we want to say, then the text is given a voice. Here is a clip Ava decided to make, especially for our website.


Molly made this clip, imagining a phone conversation someone might have made after the announcement that there was going to be a Second World War.

P 5/6 recite their Scottish poems for Burns Day

Today we recited our poems to the class. Everyone in the class, (including the adults!) got the chance to vote. We had to decide once we had heard each poem, whether it was worth 1, 2 or 3 points and put our vote into the correct bag. Some of our class were in charge of the counting of the votes – they had to be good at their 2 and 3 times tables!!!


















Learning about Calendars

At the beginning of term P1/2 made calendars.

Mrs McHugh said to the children  “We don’t need calendars” True or False?
All the children said it was true! Here are some of their reasons:

“You need to know what day it is so you know what day to come to school” Amie

“You need to know what the date is so that you don’t forget anyone’s  birthday” Emilie

“You need to have a calendar to count down the days until Jesus birthday” Sophie

All the children picked their favourite season to draw a picture for their calendar.

Everyone got a calendar page for January and had to write in the numbers of the days in January. We know there are 31 days in January. We used our calendar to find out lots of information e.g. ‘How many Sundays there are in January?’ ‘What day is the 23rd of January?’ Mrs McHugh was tickled pink with how well we all had done.

Next we put on pictures of special events we are having in school in January. We are having a Scottish week and are looking forward to tasting haggis,neeps and tatties!
We have taken our calendars home to add important family dates on them. We have kept one in the classroom to countdown to our special events.