Monster Project

P1, 2 and 3 are taking part in a collaboration with P1 and 2 at Athelstaneford Primary School. We have all drawn monsters, and then recorded audio descriptions of our monsters.

The audio descriptions will be uploaded to an East Lothian Blog ‘Words from the Web’. You can find it here.

Then we will listen to each other’s descriptions, and try to draw an accurate picture of each other’s monsters.

Here are some of the descriptions. Click on the audio file to listen.

Katie’s Monster Katie’s Monster 

Lucy’s Monster Lucy’s Monster

Alex’s Monster Alex’s Monster

Brodie’s Monster brodie-monster.mp3

Alistair’s Monster ali-monster.mp3

 Michael’s Monster michael-monster.mp3

Lewis’s Monster lewis-monster.mp3

Jack’s Monster jack-monster.mp3

Ben’s Monster ben-monster.mp3

Emma’s Monster emma-monster.mp3

Lois’s Monster lois-monster.mp3

Noah’s Monster noah-monster.mp3

John’s Monster john-monster.mp3

Leonie’s Monster leonie-monster.mp3

Malcolm’s Monster malcolm-monster.mp3

Tommy’s Monster tommy-monster.mp3