Reflecting on our learning in Primary 5-7

This week we learned how to make a Titanic timeline.We used computer skills to research information.We worked in groups of three and had to work together as a team.We have been learning how to make animations on Everybody worked in pairs to make different animations. In German the primary 7s have been learning  animal names – how to say them and spell them. In French primary 6s learnt how to hold a simple conversation and how to count to twelve. In maths, through learning about the Titanic, we compared measurements and used number skills and strategies. In art we have been learning about blending colours and understanding that each colour has lots of different shades.We all used these skills in our pictures for the flower show. In language we have been learning the difference beetween fact and opinion and writing about characters and emotions. The skill we  were focusing on this week was ‘help the team’.  In hockey we have been learning ‘the Indian Dribble’-ask your child about this new piece of learning.