Thinking about our learning..

We have been writing reports this week on ‘The Unsinkable Ship’. We had to think about backing up our reports with factual evidence. We also had to think of theories to answer some questions about who might be to blame. In maths we have been learning our tables and the link between multiplication and division. We have also learned how to make up large numbers.
We have been learning to use a moviemaker on the computers to make small group movies about the Titanic. We looked at texts and added music and pictures -we developed our ICT skills when we were doing this as we had to learn how to add music.
We had fun performing our adverts to sell a product. We learned that not everything we see on adverts is the whole truth.
In French the p6s learned how to say their telephone numbers.
In hockey we are countining to develop our skills with block tackles and push pass.
The skill focus this week has been sharing our learning.