This week’s learning in P1 to 4




We have enjoyed using the internet this week to find out all about what the inside of the Titanic looks like. The P4s were using google to answer questions that the class had come up with about the Titanic. One of the facts we found out was that the trip to America would have taken 7 days, however the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank after 3 days.

We went into character and imagined that we were about to get on board the Titanic- this helped us to come up with ideas for our writing. Olivia said that this really helped her feel like she was on the Titanic.

On Monday we investigated how we could load ships to improve the amount of cargo they could carry. We made ships from tin foil and divided them into 3 compartments, then we  investigated different ways of loading them. We found out that each compartment should have an equal amount of cargo. Serena managed to load 99 glass beads into her boat- but it sank when she added one more!

In gym we learned how to hold a hockey stick properly and how to dribble the ball successfully.

In maths the Circles group practised jumping from one number to another using an empty numberline. We have been practising using different strategies for adding and taking away. The Fractions group have been working on their 2,3 and 4 times tables.