What we have done this week in P1 to 4!


We learned how to play some different percussion instruments this week in a special workshop. We learned that keeping rhythm is important to make our piece of music sound good. We thought that the workshop was brilliant, clever and fantastic.

We had our Apple Day on Thursday. We learned that the fields around Stenton have names such as ‘Mansion Park’ and ‘Angle Park’. We also learned that some skeletons had been found in a field and that they were from the Bronze Age and were 5000 years old. We learned the correct way to pick apples from the trees which was by twisting them. We learned the names of different apples, such as Peasgood Nonsuch which is a dessert apple.¬†We learned how to make apple juice. First we crushed the apples with a crusher. Then we squashed the pulp in the apple press. The juice was cloudy and delicious. We learned that apples come from all over the world but that local apples taste nicer. They are also better for our environment because they have no air miles. We enjoyed making apple and banana muffins and pies.

The Circles learned in maths about tens and units and we made numbers using lolly sticks! We learned what different two digit numbers mean. The Squares learned how to round numbers to the nearest ten.

In gym we are learning about hockey. We learned that we should keep our eye on the ball all the time and about the ‘sitting on the loo’ position!!