This week we learned lots!! By Primary 5 and 6 boys!

This week we painted  Titanic silhouettes. First we painted the background with watercolour paints.We learned how to mix the right amount of water with paint so that the paper would not get too wet and rip.Then we cut a black and white Tiitanic out of card.We also looked at famous moon light paintings to help us get the  reflection on the water. We thought we could perhaps have taken more time with our Titanic silhouttes as fitting the windows was quite hard.

We have been continuing with our positive circles and circle times. We have learned that different people have different opinions on different subjects-and that’s ok.

We have made our apple day powerpoint presentations. We worked with our talking partners and used computers, writing, maths, listening and talking skills for this presentation. Johnny came up with the idea that we should estimate the amount of apples per crate and then use our multiplication skills to find out who estimaed the closest.

In gym we brought all the skills we have learned together and played in a hockey tournament.