Our Learning this week in P5-7 by Dougal and Lewis (P6)

 We learned about what happens in  a  Baptisim. We worked as a class, watched a video and took notes.We discussed why people get baptised. We are continuing to learn about VCOP and this week we concentrated on ‘up levelling’ our words and using our VCOP super heros in our writing.  In Maths we have been practising ordering numbers and have been doing lots of adding, taking away and word problems!  We love our ‘Together we Count’ badges and lanyards!  At badminton we learned how to control the shuttlecock- one of the games we did to practise this was’Last Man Standing’. At basketball we practised passing and shooting.  P6&7 s completed a power point on different types of energy and how we use them-coal, oil, bio mass and hydro. Then we shared our learning with the primary 5 s and they gave us feedback on our work. In forest schools we made dens out of the forest materials .We also made peashooters and pens from elder wood.

It has been a busy week of learning!!