Super Heroes -by The Pupil Council

This week we organised lots of activities to raise money for Children in Need. The theme of the event was Super Heroes-we all had to dress up as someone we admired. Almost every person in our school dressed up! We had Dennis the Menace, The Thompson Twins,The BFG and Batman. All our teachers dressed up too-they dressed up as VCOP -they are the heroes who help us with our writing-Victoria Visualiser, Captain Connective, Extrodinary Opener and Doctor Punctuation! We all had great fun playing at all the different games like ‘Guess Pudsey’s Birthday’ and ‘Pin the nose on Pudsey’, but the best fun off all was our Super Hero Treasure Hunt where we had to find the pictures of our heroes and villans outside. We have not counted all the money we raised yet but we will have by monday and will let you know the total then.