Breaking News in P2-4!

Keira reports that we wrote our school reports ready for Parents’ Evening!

Alexander reports that we have been learning how to join a w onto an s!

Peggy reports that we have been planning for our children’s wedding!

James reports that in writing the P3s learnt how to join a w onto an a and a w onto an o.

Olivia reports that the P2s learnt how to join l onto p and m onto p.

Sam reports that in maths we have been learning how to do long division.

Joe reports that in reading we did a cloze passage about a news report of a storm.

Harry reports that we have been writing prayers for our Easter Service and making a paper-chain prayer!

Darwin reports that in gym we have been running for endurance and we had to run around an oval shaped circuit!

Charlie reports that in maths the Circles have been learning how to use a bead track to make and use numbers up to 20 and add up and subtract quickly.

Peggy reports that in spelling we practising for the spelling bee!