Our New Nature Project!

We have been planning our new project together. Here are our ideas. We are very excited about getting started.


What do we want to learn about this term?

Emma: More about bugs!

Charlie: How long does a caterpillar stay in a cocoon?

Keira: More about our favourite creatures.

Alexander: More about where different creatures live, their habitats.

Darwin: More about worms and whiteflies.

Harry: More about snails and how they get their shells.

Serena; Are snails born as snails?

Peggy: Different life cycles of minibeasts and creatures.

Joe: Different kinds of flowers.

Olivia: More about bees.

Sam: How do trees create air?

James: Are some toads poisonous?

Jake: Different plants and flowers.

Carlo: How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly inside a cocoon.

Ben: More about wildlife


How do we want to learn about it?

Harry: Science experiments, outdoors

Serena: Draw creatures

Darwin: Copy pictures of minibeasts

Keira: Make up a story about an animal that you like.

Charlie: Use non-fiction books to research

Emma: Find out more on a websites about bugs

Alexander: Research minibeast habitats on the internet and then go and search in those places in the Bughts

Sam: Go to the forest and identify different trees

Jake: Collect flowers and identify them and make art with them

James: Research about toads in a book or on the internet to find out if they are poisonous

Olivia: Go out and find bees to identify them

Joe: Use a book to identify flowers

Peggy: Choose a minibeast and make a home for it

Carlo: Speak to a wildlife expert

Ben: Make wildlife posters