Lots of surprises in our learning this week…

Charlie: I was surprised when I heard the name Scheherazade, which is the name of our play.

Sam: I was surprised that my maths homework was working on the seven times table!

James: I was surprised when in maths we were working on fact families.

Alexander: I was surprised when we learned the real names of the insects, for example a daddy-long-legs is called a crane fly.

Serena: I never knew when bees sting that their abdomen comes off.

Olivia: I was surprised because ants can carry something ten times their body weight.

Carlo: I was surprised that thrips used a scraper to get their food.

Keira: I was surprised because my writing got smaller because I had been practising.

Harry: I was surprised in maths when we were doing higher sums like 19-16 where you count down to 16.

Emma: I got surprised when Mrs Legge told us what the play was called.

Peggy: I was surprised when Mrs Legge told me I was moving up to the Apricots spelling group!

Ben: I was surprised when I found out how to make a pooter.

Darwin: I was surprised when Mrs Legge told us the body parts of an insect.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA