What we have enjoyed learning about this week! P1 to 4

Emma: I have enjoyed making a 3d planet picture and making a diary about Bob and the alien.

Connie: I have enjoyed drawing made-up and real planets in art.

James: I liked doing maths, counting in 3s.

Jake: I liked learning about how the Earth blocks the Sun and makes different phases of the Moon.

Olivia: I liked problem solving in gym.

Darwin: I liked doing spelling and writing hard words like antidisestablishmentarianism, this is longest word in the dictionary

Casey: I liked doing the facts of the moon and writing about them. There is no water on the moon and there are no plants and no weather on the moon. You need weather for plants but there is soil on the moon.

Charlie: I liked learning about how the Earth blocks the sun.

Harry: I liked doing writing, phonics and spelling and scratchboard art.

Isla: I liked doing phonics especially when my tooth came out. I liked writing about my alien. I liked making full moons, crescent moons and gibbous moons.

Jamie: I liked doing planet painting.

Elis: I liked learning about how different planets are closer to the Sun.

Max: I liked learning s, t ,i and p.

Here are some of our alien descriptions:-

My alien is tall and she has three legs with two claws on each leg. She uses these claws to pick up rocks for her rock collection. My alien has four arms and each arm has two claws that are very sharp so she can catch snails and slugs to eat. She has four eyes on the top of her head so she can see everything. One eye is yellow, one eye is pink, one eye is green and the last eye is purple. On her face she has two noses so she can smell two things at once. My alien is very friendly!   By Connie Primary 1

My alien has three heads so it can eat more food. Each head has one huge pink eye to watch out for good stones to eat. It uses it’s monster teeth to crush the stones. My alien’s ears are blue because Bob dropped water on her. Her tummy is really big for all the stones she eats. My alien uses her thin and skinny fingers to pick up worms. My alien has wiggly legs that are like a centipede so she can move quickly over the moon’s surface. They are multi-coloured from the paint that is left by Bob. By Isla Primary 1