Our Learning this week in P1-4





Olivia and Connie: I have learned about the television and how life was before television and after television. I learned about telephones and that sound is actually a vibration.

Brooke and Emma: I looked at some old fashioned pictures, they were black and white. We watched Muffin the Mule. He was good. On Thursday the P4s and 5s went swimming and we practised front crawl.

Jamie and Casey: I learned how to relief print with ink and polystyrene tiles. In maths I was counting up to 20 and I got very quick with 5 frames.

Elis and Keira: We tried telephones and we put them to our ear, I could hear Brooke. I designed an invention to stop ice-cream dripping on your sleeve.

Charlie and Isla: We were learning about when the television wasn’t made people had to do  different things like read a book, listen to the radio and go to the cinema. In writing we learned about Janet, she is a character from a story called Tam Linn. We were trying to describe her character by describing her actions.

Jake and Max: In maths I counting up to 50 and counting backwards from 20. In maths I have improved at measuring the perimeter and area of a shape.

Darwin and Harry:  In maths we got homework that was division and it was quite hard when I started but then it got easier. In spelling we have been learning ‘oa’ and our homework was to read, cover, write and check and once we had done that we would tick it and we would go onto a sentence with that word in.