Our Out-of-school Activities in P2-4

Casey: I am starting ballet today, I feel a little bit nervous and excited.

Annika: I have started surfboarding and I have learned standing up and paddling on your tummy.

Connie: I am starting ballet and tap and jazz today!

Isla: I started a new gymnastics class, I have been learning how to do a handstand and cartwheel.

Sofia: I have started doing French and I have learned how to say different animals like pig which is cochon.

Max: I have been to Enjoy-a-Ball with Jamie and I played the bean game.

Brooke: I learned how to surf at Pease Bay on my body board and I went in a big wave.

Olivia: I have started Highland Dancing and I have learnt how to do a highland fling.

Elis: I have been practising how to go around the cones with a ball.

Keira: I have learned how to ride a horse at Haggerston Castle. It was quite scary because I was high up and my horse was ticklish.

Jamie: I have been to Enjoy-a-ball, I liked playing with the balls.