Primary 5-7 this week

Primary 5-7 have had a very busy and enjoyable first 2 weeks back at school. We have been learning about Myths and Legends and using this to support our literacy work. This has sparked a lot of imaginative discussion, drama and writing! We have been investigating chance and probability in our maths lessons which has given us the opportunity to revisit fractions, decimals and percentages. Next week, we kick off our new topic with a visit to the Scottish parliament.

The children would like to share with you their highlights of the week:

Serena and I both enjoyed writing a Hero’s journey – Charlie

I enjoyed that we got freedom to make up an imaginative story – Seth

I liked using what we had been learning about myths and legends and using that to make a story – Joe

We have been learning the skills to play football and ultimate Frisbee – Alexander

I liked playing a game where we had to get the ball to the person in the hoop when we were being marked. Marking means stopping somebody from passing the ball to another person – Serena and Sam

I enjoyed P.E because we are doing new activities that we’ve not done before – Thomas

I’ve enjoyed learning some French words with Miss McLean – Jake

I learned the numbers from 1-20 in French with Mrs Scott – Joe

I am enjoying German lessons. We were learning how to add numbers in German – Seth

I have enjoyed learning about probability in maths – Sam and Joe