P2 – 4 begin their project about communities…

A community is a group of people, services and shops that are altogether in a place and they help everybody. They live and work there.

Annika, Max and Brooke


In a community you might find firemen, policemen, doctors, churches, schools and houses. You would have food shops and banks too.

Isla and Elis


Edinburgh is a community and we have talked about what we know about East Linton, Dunbar and Stenton. We could say the things that they have that are the same and things that make them different.

Jamie, Brooke and Sofia.


Yesterday we were voting for things to have in our imaginary community. We had to choose 3 things that we need and 3 things we wanted. We talked about the wants and needs of everyone, older people and young people. We had our own voting slips. We also carried on with our pictures of our first 3 important needs that we had chosen last week.

Olivia, Keira and Casey