We’re Wild About the Wild About Scotland Bus!

Yesterday  the Wild About Scotland bus came to visit our school. The people who came are from Edinburgh Zoo and other animal centres in Scotland. They go round to schools and teach children about Scottish animals.


First we went on a ‘Minibeast’ hunt and we found lots of ‘Minibeasts’. We used nets and sheets to gather Minibeasts from trees, grass and flowers.  We also searched in our ‘Minibeast Hotel’!

Isla and Annika

We took the Minibeasts inside the bus and looked at them really closely with magnifying pots and magnifying lenses. We found out what they were and learned what they do for us in the garden. We learned that worms help to make the soil more nutritious and this helps the plants to grow.

Connie, Sofia, Max and Keira

At the end of the workshop we went up onto the top-deck and we looked at different animals that live in Scotland, one of which was a seal. We only saw the model of it’s skull but we learned that they have eyes about the same size as your fist!




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  1. We had a brilliant time too! What a great school with excellent, well behaved pupils. Our favourite part was your mini-beast hotel. Keep up the good work!

    Jamie and Lindsay
    Wild about Scotland Education Officers

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