Our First Forest Schools Trip

I really liked making the skeleton out of sticks, leaves and rocks. I learnt where to look for different things. (Elis)

We learned how to be safe around a campfire so that next week we can have a real fire. I think Forest Schools is brilliant because I enjoyed collecting sticks, berries and leaves to make potions! (Isla)

I was feeling a little bit nervous before we left but when I got there it was actually very good fun. I liked drinking the hot chocolate the most! (Sofia)

It was great to go around and explore. We collected sticks for the bonfire next week and we learned you have to have different sized sticks for a fire and they must be dry. (Connie)

When we collected the sticks for our mini-bonfire we found that some of the sticks were in different letter shapes. We thought we could use these to help us practice our spelling! (Olivia)

I liked when we got to make the potions and imagine something they could turn us into. It helped us be imaginative and we could maybe write a story using our ideas. (Keira)

I feel like I want to do it again because I really loved being outside and getting hot chocolate. (Max)