Star Writers! Sam and Sofia

Here are Sam and Sofias’ pieces of writing from this week. Sam was describing a forest setting with an atmosphere of danger.

An impenetrable mist shrouded the gnarled trees in mystery. Thick, spidery vines entangled the eerie branches like talons. Thorns stretched and writhed trying to cover all of the forest floor. Mysteriously scratched branches loomed out of the mist. A canopy of leaves hung above, so it was impossible to tell if it was day or night, Summer or Winter. Rotting leaves carpeted the floor and broken thorns littered the shadowy forest. Knotted twigs grasped at the other leaves and branches as if battling each other. Crows cawed and screeched high above. Branches snapped as if death were stalking you. There was a dangerous, sickly smell like honey, but worse, as if something was trying to lure you into its den. Thunder crackled far off.

Sofia wrote a character description using similes and WOW words.


She has beautiful silver hair like diamonds. Her blue dress is as twinkly as the sun. Her eyes are bright blue. Lips pale pink. Her hair is done in a plait. Her eyes are large. Her height is medium like Mums.