Trip to Dunbar

  Our P4-6 pupils have written about our school trip to Dunbar this week – Here are a couple of them:

Dunbar trip is amazing by Ben    

 We went to the amazing Dunbar and we walked up the shiny High Street. As we walked up to the shops some people from our group went into the shops and asked the shopkeepers how Covid affected them.    

 We went higher up the High Street. Then we spit up into groups of two. One went to the beach to pick up litter, and the other group went to the old and wrecked cottage which used to be a butcher’s. As our group went to the old house we walked to the right. Then we came to a door.We came to an immediate stop. A man called Kevin took us to a building site. He showed us some tools. One was called a chisle. Kevin used a chisle to carve a brick. 

We went into this old and wrecked building. 

Dunbar Trash Team by Arran F

We went litter picking at East Beach and picked up all the rubbish on the shore and in the rockpools. There were  some little shrimpy things that were wiggling and jumping, they are called sand fleas. I found a crab that was trying to eat some pieces of plastic so I gave it a sand flea and it let go of the plastic. The crab was a baby velvet swimming crab. Its environment was like a mini reef! There was magic seaweed and rack, also stringy seaweed. My favourite part was finding the crab, it was small but the pinch was like slamming your finger in the door with all your strength! We went litter picking so the animals don’t die or strangle themselves. or if they eat it will block their airway. The water was hindering me from getting to some rubbish in the distance.  After, I found some glass so I immediately told Mrs Aitchison.