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P3 to 4 Taking Notes!


In P3 to 4 we were learning how to highlight the key things in a text and then put them onto a mind map (Darwin).

We were making notes out of a non-fiction text about the desert. (Olivia).

This links to our big learning goal about working in pairs and also about how climate affects living things. (Harry, Charlie)

We are going to put the facts into a poster or a powerpoint. (Keira)

3D Relief Maps in P1-4

We were making 3d relief maps out of salt dough and we painted them so they looked like the different continents. We had to show the major physical features in different colours. (Jake Younger)

Africa: We showed Mt Kilimanjaro, the River Nile, the Sahara Desert,  Lake Chad and Lake Victoria.

Asia: We showed Mount Everest and the Himilayas, the Black Sea and the Caspian.

North America: We showed The Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada and the Great Lakes.

South America: We showed Lake Titcaca, the Amazon and the Andes Mountains and the Brazilian Highlands.

Scotland: We made mountains and land.


Phonics Learning in P1



We were throwing the dice and practising our words. (Brooke).

We had to turn a colour card over and read the word. (Isla)

We have been  roling the dice and whatever colour we got we had to read. Our blends this week have been, ng, ft, nk, mp, ll, ck and ss.

Our Learning this week in P1-4


Casey: We were gluing and sticky ideas that came from our Survey Monkey about improving an existing invention.

Brooke: We were gluing and sticking what the Mums and Dads had written.

Darwin: We had to decide if the feedback was useful or not useful.

Charlie: One of the ideas was for a remote control so that you can switch the cooker on while you are on your way home from work.


Brooke: We were in a shape hunt and Jamie and Isla found circles.

Connie: We did a drawing inside the shape that we found and then we tried to find a star!

Isla: We were trying to find all of the shapes on our board.



Max: I found a triangle and I found a rectangle and a square on the floor. I found a rectangle window.


Olivia: Connie was reading a book to the class which was called The Sly Fox and the  Little Red Hen


Emma: Olivia made a bridge across the sandpit and we took a picture of it.


Our Learning this week in P1-4





Olivia and Connie: I have learned about the television and how life was before television and after television. I learned about telephones and that sound is actually a vibration.

Brooke and Emma: I looked at some old fashioned pictures, they were black and white. We watched Muffin the Mule. He was good. On Thursday the P4s and 5s went swimming and we practised front crawl.

Jamie and Casey: I learned how to relief print with ink and polystyrene tiles. In maths I was counting up to 20 and I got very quick with 5 frames.

Elis and Keira: We tried telephones and we put them to our ear, I could hear Brooke. I designed an invention to stop ice-cream dripping on your sleeve.

Charlie and Isla: We were learning about when the television wasn’t made people had to do  different things like read a book, listen to the radio and go to the cinema. In writing we learned about Janet, she is a character from a story called Tam Linn. We were trying to describe her character by describing her actions.

Jake and Max: In maths I counting up to 50 and counting backwards from 20. In maths I have improved at measuring the perimeter and area of a shape.

Darwin and Harry:  In maths we got homework that was division and it was quite hard when I started but then it got easier. In spelling we have been learning ‘oa’ and our homework was to read, cover, write and check and once we had done that we would tick it and we would go onto a sentence with that word in.


What we have enjoyed learning about this week! P1 to 4

Emma: I have enjoyed making a 3d planet picture and making a diary about Bob and the alien.

Connie: I have enjoyed drawing made-up and real planets in art.

James: I liked doing maths, counting in 3s.

Jake: I liked learning about how the Earth blocks the Sun and makes different phases of the Moon.

Olivia: I liked problem solving in gym.

Darwin: I liked doing spelling and writing hard words like antidisestablishmentarianism, this is longest word in the dictionary

Casey: I liked doing the facts of the moon and writing about them. There is no water on the moon and there are no plants and no weather on the moon. You need weather for plants but there is soil on the moon.

Charlie: I liked learning about how the Earth blocks the sun.

Harry: I liked doing writing, phonics and spelling and scratchboard art.

Isla: I liked doing phonics especially when my tooth came out. I liked writing about my alien. I liked making full moons, crescent moons and gibbous moons.

Jamie: I liked doing planet painting.

Elis: I liked learning about how different planets are closer to the Sun.

Max: I liked learning s, t ,i and p.

Here are some of our alien descriptions:-

My alien is tall and she has three legs with two claws on each leg. She uses these claws to pick up rocks for her rock collection. My alien has four arms and each arm has two claws that are very sharp so she can catch snails and slugs to eat. She has four eyes on the top of her head so she can see everything. One eye is yellow, one eye is pink, one eye is green and the last eye is purple. On her face she has two noses so she can smell two things at once. My alien is very friendly!   By Connie Primary 1

My alien has three heads so it can eat more food. Each head has one huge pink eye to watch out for good stones to eat. It uses it’s monster teeth to crush the stones. My alien’s ears are blue because Bob dropped water on her. Her tummy is really big for all the stones she eats. My alien uses her thin and skinny fingers to pick up worms. My alien has wiggly legs that are like a centipede so she can move quickly over the moon’s surface. They are multi-coloured from the paint that is left by Bob. By Isla Primary 1

Maths! Maths! Maths!

Darwin and Harry: I liked doing subtraction of big numbers in maths. The Circles have been learning how to take away and add 2 digit numbers.

Emma and Charlie: In maths the Circles have been learning how to play a game called Leapfrog. This game helps us to practise adding and taking away.

Jake and Serena:  We have been practising our addition and subtraction word problems.

Sam and James: In the big class we have been working on fractions and decimals. We have been changing fractions into decimals. The circles have been counting in tens and ones up and down to help with our adding and taking away.

Alex and Keira: I have been counting backwards from 30 (Keira).

Olivia and Peggy and Joe: We have been jumping along on an empty number line.  In the big class we have been counting squares and calculating the decimal.




Lots of surprises in our learning this week…

Charlie: I was surprised when I heard the name Scheherazade, which is the name of our play.

Sam: I was surprised that my maths homework was working on the seven times table!

James: I was surprised when in maths we were working on fact families.

Alexander: I was surprised when we learned the real names of the insects, for example a daddy-long-legs is called a crane fly.

Serena: I never knew when bees sting that their abdomen comes off.

Olivia: I was surprised because ants can carry something ten times their body weight.

Carlo: I was surprised that thrips used a scraper to get their food.

Keira: I was surprised because my writing got smaller because I had been practising.

Harry: I was surprised in maths when we were doing higher sums like 19-16 where you count down to 16.

Emma: I got surprised when Mrs Legge told us what the play was called.

Peggy: I was surprised when Mrs Legge told me I was moving up to the Apricots spelling group!

Ben: I was surprised when I found out how to make a pooter.

Darwin: I was surprised when Mrs Legge told us the body parts of an insect.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our New Nature Project!

We have been planning our new project together. Here are our ideas. We are very excited about getting started.


What do we want to learn about this term?

Emma: More about bugs!

Charlie: How long does a caterpillar stay in a cocoon?

Keira: More about our favourite creatures.

Alexander: More about where different creatures live, their habitats.

Darwin: More about worms and whiteflies.

Harry: More about snails and how they get their shells.

Serena; Are snails born as snails?

Peggy: Different life cycles of minibeasts and creatures.

Joe: Different kinds of flowers.

Olivia: More about bees.

Sam: How do trees create air?

James: Are some toads poisonous?

Jake: Different plants and flowers.

Carlo: How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly inside a cocoon.

Ben: More about wildlife


How do we want to learn about it?

Harry: Science experiments, outdoors

Serena: Draw creatures

Darwin: Copy pictures of minibeasts

Keira: Make up a story about an animal that you like.

Charlie: Use non-fiction books to research

Emma: Find out more on a websites about bugs

Alexander: Research minibeast habitats on the internet and then go and search in those places in the Bughts

Sam: Go to the forest and identify different trees

Jake: Collect flowers and identify them and make art with them

James: Research about toads in a book or on the internet to find out if they are poisonous

Olivia: Go out and find bees to identify them

Joe: Use a book to identify flowers

Peggy: Choose a minibeast and make a home for it

Carlo: Speak to a wildlife expert

Ben: Make wildlife posters






Breaking News in P2-4!

Keira reports that we wrote our school reports ready for Parents’ Evening!

Alexander reports that we have been learning how to join a w onto an s!

Peggy reports that we have been planning for our children’s wedding!

James reports that in writing the P3s learnt how to join a w onto an a and a w onto an o.

Olivia reports that the P2s learnt how to join l onto p and m onto p.

Sam reports that in maths we have been learning how to do long division.

Joe reports that in reading we did a cloze passage about a news report of a storm.

Harry reports that we have been writing prayers for our Easter Service and making a paper-chain prayer!

Darwin reports that in gym we have been running for endurance and we had to run around an oval shaped circuit!

Charlie reports that in maths the Circles have been learning how to use a bead track to make and use numbers up to 20 and add up and subtract quickly.

Peggy reports that in spelling we practising for the spelling bee!