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stenton update

On Friday 19th of November we did children in need day and some people dressed up in spots and some did not if you dressed up you had to bring in at leased £1 1to raise money for children in need we raised £100.90p and we did games.Pupil council orginised games for us to play such as how many spots in the jar and a spot hunt the winner of spots in the jar was seth.


                                                                 by brodie and michael

Stenton Update

Noah has achieved in trampolining to do a tipe of jump at trampolining. Lewis has achieved to get into a higher class in swimming. 





















Stenton update

I  have achft my reding  maths and spelling.



                                                                   by william

The Stenton Update

On the 28/9/10 Joanne visited our school with an oscilloscope.  Noah and Michael liked it when Joanne mixed the corn flower and water and put it on the speaker and touched the mixture.We also liked it when the oscilloscope was at high volume and  high pitch.    

By                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               NOAH and MICHAEL

The Stenton update

 Mrs Bloomfield came in to school and we saw a oscilloscope.We saw the sound waves on the oscilloscope and some of them were high some were small.We leared a lot about sound and volume it was very fun we would love to learn more.We all liked the oscillosope and the rest of the leson. We saw a speaker it went so fast that everyone thought that it was not even moving.


                                                                                                       BY LEWIS AND TOMMY

Steton update our achievements so far

Before the summer holidays  Joe passed his swimming test which he is very proud of.

It was at Dunbar Leisure  Pool.

He also learned how to pick up a brick up from the deep end.

Now Joe is now up to level 4 ,WOW.

After the summer holidays Mhairi got through to 3rd  session  at  Dunbar swimming  club.

She is very proud of  it.

                 by  Mhairi and Joe


Personal choice boxes

We have got new choice boxes for the class . We have palaymobil and lego.We made the monney by makeing cakes and washing cars and doing some more sutf.                                                                                                                         By Ben and Tommy