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Harvest assembly

Today we held our Harvest assembly at Stenton Parish Church. This is our last service with Reverend Scott and we would like to say a big thank you to him for being our kind and caring minister for the last 10 years. The children made a special book for Reverend Scott as a memento of his time with us. Thank you to everyone for coming along and for bringing donations for the food bank in Dunbar. Everyone really enjoyed the children’s singing, dancing and poetry!

African Drumming

This week we were lucky to have 2 drummers from Ghana to show us their African Drumming techniques. Every child – and adult- had the chance to learn how to play a rhythm on the drums and it was great fun! We are looking forward to showcasing our new talents in a show for parents and the community at the village hall on 19th November.

Apple Picking

Today we went apple picking at Ruchlaw Farm with Barbara Wyllie. We found lots of apples and pears which we picked and have brought back to school to make into a lovely treat for our Harvest service. We all got to eat an apple on our walk back to school!

Apple Identification

On Monday we unfortunately had to cancel apple picking due to the weather so Barbara Wyllie kindly popped in to the school and talked to the children about all the different types of apples.  She showed the children how we can identify different apples looking carefully at the shapes and colouring.  She then challenged the P4-6 pupils to find out how long you can keep the apples using some super information books that she borrowed for the pupils.   


Community Walk

On Wednesday 4th September the boys and girls were all able to explore Stenton.  P1/2 looked for permanent physical features which we could then use to make a map of our community.  P3-6 discussed different ways that the land had been used and looked at all the different types of housing.




SSPCA visit

On Friday 6th September we were lucky enough to get a visit from the SSPCA. 

The SSPCA provided resources for Mrs Aitchison to help the P1/2 children explore how they would look after pets.  They met two robotic rabbits called Smudge and Fudge.  After a story and discussion about the right and wrong things to do for pet rabbits the children were able to use what they had learned when playing with the rabbits and resources.   

Claire from the SSPCA worked with the P3-6 boys and girls.  She did some fun games with the children where they learned how to look after farm animals and got to work together to build robot farm animals  They then got to control their robots using I-pads.  Fun was had by all!


Sports Day at Innerwick

We had a joint sports day with Innerwick this year. The sun shone and it was a fabulous morning enjoyed by all. Next year it is Stenton’s turn to host but in the meantime we enjoy the glory of Stenton Parent’s win at the Tug Of War! Thank you to everyone who came along to support the children.

Health Week at Stenton

We enjoyed a variety of activities during our Health week at Stenton. Thank you to Mrs Aitchison’s parents for coming in to help make pasta and soup, to Maddie  and Anne-Marie from Innerwick for coming to show us how to do Irish Dancing, to Andrea (from Innerwick) for coming along to run an orienteering session and to Mrs Tannahill for running a yoga session. It was all great fun and enjoyed by all!