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Lovely Lasagne

Lovely Lasagne – 12.10.21

You may remember than at the beginning of term we made pizza using our lovely home grown tomatoes (and some bought ones) to make the sauce.  Afterwards we had lots of sauce left over and as we didn’t want to waste it we decided to pop it into the freezer for a later date.  Well this week that later date arrived.  We used the remainder of the pizza sauce to make lasagne.  This also gave us the opportunity to learn how to make a basic white sauce.  To link with our harvest theme this week we also chose to make some garlic and rosemary bread using rosemary from our garden.

The boys and girls did such an amazing job that the staff have been able to have some for their lunch.  Well done Stenton!!!

Soil Soil Soil – 29.9.21

James Wyllie came today and delivered lots of free soil for us.  He has filled up our planters.  Thank you James!  What a fantastic community we have the pleasure of being a part of.

We can’t wait to research what we can grow over winter and then use out hopefully successfully grown crops in some delicious cooking.

Cool Compost! – 28.9.21

Phil Lucas from the local horticultural society popped into school this afternoon to tell us all about how to compost.  He then invited us to his garden so we could have a look at his.  The children were absolutely inspired and loved seeing his garden.  We can’t wait to get composting and Phil’s garden is so amazing that all the children want to write imaginative stories about it.

Thank you Phil!!!

Herb Garden – 22.9.21

The Stenton Primary pupils worked hard this afternoon planting some herb seeds which we hope we will be able to use in our cooking.  We planted oregano, basil, coriander, chillies and thyme.

We can’t wait to see how well they grow.  They are in our green house just now but we will bring them in when the temperature drops. Hopefully next year we will be able to add them to our herb garden outside!

Food For Thought


This week we have been busy making homemade pizza, chips and  salad all from scratch. We planned our menu together and many of our ingredients were grown in our school garden. We made the pizza base first so that it had time to rise and then we made everything else -our pizza topping included our tasty tomatoes from the garden. The chips were made from our own potatoes which we planted before the summer holidays.

It was a great experience where we all learned skills and worked together as a team to produce a healthy, tasty meal.

Watch this space for the next Stenton Cookery School experience!