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Evacuee from Portobello.

On Wednesday after most of the children had gone home we had a surprise visitor to the school. No, it wasn’t someone trying to escape Potobello now – but an elderly gentleman who had been evacuated from Portobello to Stenton in 1939, to stay with the spinster Schoolmistress and her sister in the old Schoolhouse across the road. He was visiting family who have recently moved to Haddington, and said that one of the things he was anxious to do on his visit to East Lothian was drive to Stenton and see if the School was still there and being used.
He came in and had a look around the school, and remembered quite a few of the features, although of course it has changed somewhat since then!
I’m glad we were able to let him have a look around and show him that the school is still going strong after all these years. Unfortunately I didn’t get his name, (caught off guard at the end of a long day!) but maybe he will visit again one day, or even visit this website!
It was also very nice that the lady with him (his sister I think) commented on some of our wall displays by the children about rights and responsibilities that she thought it was great that the same sort of values were still being taught in primary schools today as when she was at school.
An unexpected but interesting visitor!