Parent Council


Co-Chairs:           Vicki & Richard Whetton

Treasurer:                 Barbara Boyd

Clerk:                        Suzanne Doggett

We have a very active Parent Council who is very supportive of our school, staff and pupils. The Parent Council support our pupils learning and take forward developments to enhance our children’s’ learning experiences. The Parent Council meets on a regular basis approximately once a term at the school. As part of the Parent Council, there is also a fundraising committee who hold events throughout the year to raise money for various resources at Stenton Primary School.

If you would like information on how you can support the Stenton Parent Council or would like to join then please email one of the above email addresses.

Fundraising committee – What we do

The role of the fundraising committee is essentially to fundraise for extra equipment which may not normally be available to buy from within the school’s budget.

For example; games equipment for the children to use at playtime or perhaps equipment for extra curricular activities such as Forest Schools, Jog Scotland etc.

The committee also arranges refreshments for the Harvest Festival, Nativity Play, Easter service and the end of term show.

What you can do

  • All parents are welcome to attend the Parent Council meetings which are held throughout the year, normally once a term.
  • All ideas or contributions are always welcome.
  • Helping at festivals and events by donating home baking or helping serve tea and coffee on the day

50:50 Club:-

The Parent Council also run a 50/50 club to raise funds for the school. Parents and community members are invited to join at a cost of £12 a year. Each month a number is drawn in school and the winner gets a cash prize.

If you would like to participate in the 50/50 club, please contact Vicki Whetton. Alternatively, please send your payment with your name (or your child’s name) via the school mailbag system F.A.O. Vicki.

Please also note that:  You are not restricted to one number. If you would like a number for yourself and a number for your child or another member of the family, you are more than welcome to. The more people who join, the more money is raised for the school and the bigger the monthly prize.

Draft minutes of Parent Council meeting 1.5.19

Approved minutes of Parent Council meeting 5.2.19

Approved minutes of Parent Council meeting 29.10.18

Approved minutes of Parent Council AGM 11.9.18

Approved minutes of Parent Council 17.4.18

Approved minutes of Parent Council 5.2.18

Approved minutes of Parent Council AGM 7.9.17

Approved minutes of Special Parent Council 28.6.17

Approved minutes of Parent Council 17.5.17

Approved minutes of Parent Council 7.2.17

Approved minutes of Parent Council 14.11.16

Approved minutes of Parent Council AGM 22.9.16







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