Reports, Plans, Policies and Handbooks

To view the most recent  Reports in relation to Stenton Primary School, please click on the links below:-

Service review Stenton Sept18

Stenton_Innerwick SIP 2018_19

Respect for All – Anti bullying policy 1 4 final

Standard and Quality Document Stenton June 2017

School Improvement Plan 2017-2018

2015 2016 Pupil Voice Evaluation and Next Steps for 16-17

Celebrating Learning leaflet June 2015

How Good is our school June 2015 pupil voice evaluation

Stenton Primary Health & Wellbeing Policy updated Jan 2016

Click on the link below to view the Curriculum Map for Stenton School.

To view our School handbook and the East Lothian Council Handbook relating to schools, please click on the relevant links below:-

Stenton School Booklet 2018

JMH Handbook November 2017






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