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Birthday Wishes

We celebrated our 50th birthday in style by having many different events. We were lucky enough to have many special guests at our celebrations.

The video below contains well wishes from some of those guests.

A famous former pupil visits St. Gabriel’s …

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations we have been inviting special guests to come to our school. 


Our first guest was a former pupil, Josh Taylor who is now a successful champion boxer. We were very excited to welcome him back to St. Gabriel’s.

Mrs Adams taught Josh so she recalled fond memories of his time here. Josh also told us what it takes to be successful, giving us a few words of encouragement.


We also got the chance to have a Q and A session with Josh which will follow in another video. Thank you Josh for taking the time to come and visit us. It meant a lot to us.

Burns Assembly 2017

Here are some highlights from our Burns Assembly.


You will notice P6 footage is missing. Don’t worry, some keen pupils are using their IT skills to create a video combining memories from the assembly and their Burns Lunch.



50th Anniversary


St. Gabriel’s is 50! 

This year is a very special year for us here at St. Gabriel’s, we are turning 50!  We will be doing many things to celebrate this in school. Online though we will have a special treat for our followers in the form of vlogs. Today we have 3 as it is our first post.

This first video is an introduction to our blogs from our 2016/17 House Captains.

This next video is ‘An Ode To St. Gabriel’s’. It is a poem written by Mrs. Torley featuring photos by Mrs Adams and Miss Thomson.


The next video is our first vlog about our school from our Head Teacher, Mrs. Torley. Keep you eyes peeled for more special guests throughout the coming weeks.



We hope you can join us in our celebrations over the next couple of months 🙂