Parent Council

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, Parent Council meetings will take place virtually using Google Meet. To join the Google Meet, parents will need to submit their email address to the Head Teacher to be included in the meeting.


Our Action Plan consists of the following three key areas:-

Parental Involvement – To create opportunities for parents and staff to work together on common tasks and develop positive relationships for the good of our children

Communication – To make sure that all parents are advised of any key issues that affect our children and enable all parents to express their views and wishes in a range of different ways that make it possible for everyone to contribute in a way that suite them best.

Methods of communication include:-

Parent Council Meetings

Pupil Post

Parent Council Post Box

Parent Council Notice Boards


Parent Council Facebook page / Edubuzz Page

Fundraising – Fundraising events are a very important in helping to provide the best possible school life for our children, the Parent Council are responsible for organising the Christmas Bazaar and other social events throughout the year.


Visit the Parent Council Members Page

Visit Parent Council Meeting Minutes Page

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