Meet Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Mrs Anne Torley – Head Teacher

Mrs Sue Adams – Depute Head Teacher

Miss Veronica Laidlaw  – Principal Teacher

Classroom Teachers 

Primary 7 – Miss Megan McFadden

Primary 6 – Mr Marc Andrew

Primary 5 – Miss Katy Robertson

Primary 4 – Mrs Mary Hart

Primary 3/2 – Mrs Stephanie Caraffi

Primary 2/1- Miss Rachael Brown

Primary 1 – Miss Stephanie Garner 


Ms Veronica Laidlaw

Nursery Nurses

Mrs Shenagh Richardson, Mrs Gayle Kennie, Mrs Angela Conway, Ms Suzanne Cummings and Miss Kirstin McInnes

Business Support Administrator

Ms Wendy Thomson

School Auxiliary

Mrs Heather Combe

Classroom Assistants

Mrs Jennifer Hall, Mrs Joanne Mason and Mrs Julia Maguire

ASN Auxiliaries

Mrs Susan Reay, Mrs Blythe Peart and Mrs Patricia Kenderdine

Janitorial Services

Mr Kenny McCrorie

Mrs Heather Curran and Mrs Suzanne Ferrier

Visiting Specialist

Elidh Gordon – PE

Carolyn Wilson – Violin

Alison Loneski – Clarinet

Peter Antonelli – Piano

Simon Grant – Drumming

Lee Moore – Chanter