Meet Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Mrs Torley – Head Teacher

Mrs Adams – Depute Head Teacher

Ms Laidlaw  – Principal Teacher

Classroom Teachers 

Primary 7 – Mr Andrew

Primary 6 – Miss Brown

Primary 5 – Miss Robertson

Primary 4 – Miss Garner

Primary 3- Mr Murray

Primary 2 – Miss McFadden

Primary 1 – Ms Laidlaw/Mrs Edwards

Support for Learning- Miss Walters

Nursery Seniors

Miss McInnes and Miss Strachan

Nursery Practitioners

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Conway, Ms Cummings and Mrs Robinson

Business Support Administrator

Ms  Thomson

School Auxiliary

Mrs Combe

Classroom Assistants

Mr Gordon and Mrs Aitchison

ASN Auxiliaries

Mrs Reay, Mrs Kenderdine and Mrs Hall

Janitorial Services

Mr McCrorie

Mrs Ferrier

Visiting Specialist

Elidh Gordon – PE

Elaine Roberts – Music

Carolyn Wilson – Violin

Alison Loneski – Clarinet

Peter Antonelli – Piano

Simon Grant – Drumming

Lee Moore – Chanter


Life at a Prestonpans Primary School