National Breakfast Week


Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

This week as part of the National Farmhouse Breakfast Week we have been encouraging Primary 7 to have a healthy breakfast in order to set them up for the day.

We are even designing our own breakfast recipes for this years competition. Lewis G-V produced a fantastic poster advertising his delicious breakfast smoothie and Jaimz brought in his own cooked breakfast this morning.


Watch this space to see what P7 come up with next!

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Primary 6 Bowling

Primary 6 spent a lovely morning at Castlepark Bowling Green learning the rules of the game and perfecting our skills. Some members of the local club and under 25s county team were there to teach us.

It was a very enjoyable way to spend the morning; on a beautiful green, in the fresh air learning new skills (or perfecting old ones!).

Do you all agree?







A big thank you to all the volunteers that were there to help.

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Hello world!

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My e-portfolio in a blog

I am going to use the blog posts to help me to reflect on my own learning. I will be able to set different categories for any posts I make. I can also go back and edit my posts to include a file, an image of my work or a video of my work. My teacher will be able to comment on any of my posts.

I will also be able to add pages to my blog and edit any of the pages currently there.

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