House Captains and Chair of the Pupil Council

Chair of the Pupil council:

Jaimz Swann


House Captains:


Jenni Luby (Esk)







Abbey Morgan (Tyne)

Kieran Douglas (Forth)







Vice Captains:

Jake Tervet (Esk)







Macauley Anderson (Tyne)










Kyle Hunter (Forth)





The house captains have been working really hard since they got the job of being responsible for a certain house in the school. Each house also has a Vice Captain for if they are ever off they help out with points. They have created a folder to keep track of the house points that pupils earn. The house captains have to always make sure that they are up to their best standard.

Other work that Jenni, Abbey and Kieran as house captains they have to take responsibility for the rest of the people in their house.  In Hymns we have a new system that if you get four house points you write your name down and you get a certificate and if you get three certificates you win a prize.

Jaimz, the head of the pupil council has been getting information from each class to see what they would like to change and what they would like to see in the playground and then he takes this to Mrs Adams and the other members of the Pupil Council.

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