Our Experience and Activities at Benmore !

Our experience at Benmore was absolutely amazing!! We enjoyed every second of it. We enjoyed lots of activities including orienteering- it was interesting and hard, caving- it was scary, hard, fun and dark , biking- it was fun and bumpy, shore scramble- it was wet and rocky, gorge walking- wet, hard  and very very rocky , canoeing- it was wet tiring and fun , rock climbing and abseiling were hard, high and scary but really good  at the same time  , a forest walk-it  was great , ropes course – it was great and we felt like mini James Bonds and a very scary night walk!  

All the activities were EXCITING, SCARY and alot of hard work !!! It was still fantastic and we even got hot chocolate on some activities, it was great. On most of the activities we were soked through to the skin. It was very uncomfortable. Everyone loved it at Benmore and if we could have the opportunity again to go I am sure we would take it!!

E.C and O.G

2 thoughts on “Our Experience and Activities at Benmore !”

  1. Sounds like you all had an AMAZING time at Benmore – I hope you are all feeling extremely proud of your achievements. All these blogs are super – I really enjoyed reading them. It brought back memories of muddy puddles, huge rocks, watching people caving (wasn’t brave enough for that one!) and ……. warm hot chocolate at the end of the day!!
    Hope you all danced the night away at your disco tonight.

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