Our Favourite Experience At School Camp !

My favourite experience at camp was gorgewalking because it was terrifying and I’ve never done anything like it before. We had the choice of going up a keyhole or not so I decided to give it a go! A keyhole is a hole in a rock where the water comes through and you climb up it! I also went in the water until it was up to my waist to rub a stone and make a wish.It was the best!!!  Hannah ,Chloe and I shared a dorm with two really nice people called Chloe and Kelly. By Katherine

My favourite experience at camp was Climbing and Absailing because when we went to the big rock it was massive and I said I wasn’t going to do it. With the help of Katherine and Mrs Blair I made it to the top of a 48ft Cliff! Thanks Katherine and Mrs Blair. For the absailing it was the same I decided not to do it then Angela my instructor came with me and helped me down! I also met some really nice friends called Chloe and Kelly from another school. By Hannah.