P7 Camp Experiences

My favourite experience was the abseiling from the 50 foot cliff because it was a very big challenge and i managed to do it.At the start i was shaking but once i got the hang of it i started to enjoy it.It was a great experience and i am very proud of myself and i will tresaure that moment for the rest of MY LIFE!!!!!!!! 

 A BIG CHEER FOR CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy P7:D

My favourite experience at camp was caving and i hated it at first but then it got easier as i went along.Some people started to cry but they had a good reason to! It was a tight squeeze but i managed.It was hard to jump down the small holes because it was very dark but we had head lights on. I got very wet going through the water fall but who cares it was SOOO FUN LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty ! P7 🙂