Pupil Council News

Star Reader / Star Writer

The pupil council made up a questionaire for the school and it asked all the children what types of books they liked and  which books they think we need more of. We collected in all of the questionaires and analysed the responses. We then looked at the school order catalogues and ordered new books for the school. We ordered a wide range of books so that everyone would get to read something that they would enjoy. We ordered fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels! They are really popular!

To celebrate reading even more we decided to start a Star Reader and Star Writer of the month! We made up a certificate for the winners. They would recive a certificate, a head teacher award and  they would have their picture taken and put up on the wall next to their winning peice of work.

We spoke at an assembly and told everyone how it would work. They seamed excited about the idea of it!

The pupil council chose three peices of reading and three peices of writing from their class to give to the primary seven pupil council. Once all the peices of work were handed to the primary seven pupil council they decided on a winner for Star Reader from primary one – three and Star Writer from primary one – three. Next they decided on a winner for Star Reader primary four – seven and Star Writer from primary four – seven.

On that Friday at assembly the pupil council member from primary seven announced the winners to the whole school. They got to pick a book from the books laid out and then they had their picture taken with there book and a head teacher award.

We think that Star Reader and Writer will be very sucssesful!

Playground Equipment

The pupil council got lots of money! They thought the classes would like some new equipment for the playground.

The pupil council for each class went to their classroom and asked, ‘What playground equipment would you like for the playground boxes?’. We then discused with Miss Gilhooly the things they might be intrested in.

Miss Gilhooly got us some catalogs and we looked at the sheets of paper that we wrote what things the class would like and tried to find the pieces of equipment for the class.

we got the money and we sent the request for the new equipment some of equipmenent we got where.