Pupil Council Fundraiser!

Fundraising Event

The Pupil Council have decided that they would like to raise some money for all the new books and playground games that the school has bought for us to enjoy.

This week is also Race and Equality week. We would like to make Friday 18th June a day when we can celebrate different cultures by coming to school dressed up to represent one of the countries in the World Cup. Everyone that gets dressed up will pay 50p and tell the rest of their class 3 facts about the country they are representing. We hope that everyone will get into the spirit of the World Cup and enjoy learning about different countries at the same time!

What or who will you come as? A flamenco dancer? A Bull fighter? A pizza chef? The statue of Liberty? A Cowboy/girl? A Greek hero from a myth? A sausage? An Ancient Roman? A Gladiator?

The Pupil Council will collect the money from each class and take photos to make a display.

We are really looking forward to seeing all the different costumes. We hope everyone makes an effort to join in the fun and help raise funds.

Below is a list of all the countries that are in the World Cup to help you choose.

Thank you

The Pupil Council

France                     Denmark                Mexico                Japan

South Africa          Netherlands          Uruguay             Italy

Argentina             New Zealand          South Korea        Paraguay

Nigeria                 Slovakia               Algeria                 Brazil

England                Ivory Coast          Slovenia               Korea (DPR)

United States          Portugal               Australia              Germany

Chile                    Ghana                  Honduras             Switzerland

Serbia                   Spain           Cameroon