Good morning Primary 2

Good morning Primary 2,

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and that you have been able to build some lovely snowmen! However, I think some of you may be a little bored by now. Why not try some Maths and Literacy games on I’m sure you will be able to show everyone at home how it works.

You could also complete your reading books and practise your common words. If you still have time after all that, could you please make a list of all of the technology you use in your home eg. hoover, washing machine etc? This will help your work when you return to school.

Finally, a little challenge. Miss McKay left Prestonpans for school yesterday morning at 7.30am. What time do you think she arrived at school? The closest guess may get a prize!

Stay safe and see you all soon,

Miss McKay

One thought on “Good morning Primary 2”

  1. Dear Miss McKay,

    I am having a great time playing in the snow, I hope you are too.

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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