Budding Book Detectives!

This afternoon in Primary 5 we have been working hard on our Reading skills. We took a trip to the Junior Librarian where we were able to take out a book from the library and take it home with us. Franky worked with Tyler and Craig to write a review on the computer of the books they had taken out the week before. They worked really well as a group.

Today we also started group book detectives. We all worked in our reading groups and we each had a job to do. Once we had read an extract from our books we completed our individual reading skill task and then we shared our work with our reading group. It was great fun. Next week we are going to work harder on the way we communicate with each other in our groups.

We also had Art today and we were making our very own tartan because we are making kilts. We even started making a Sporon for our kilts to give then that final touch.

Primary 5

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