Burns Day Fun.

P5 made their lessons extra special today to celebrate the 25o years of Robert Burns. In  maths we made menus for a Burns Supper by using the prices on the Asda and Tesco online service. We looked for ingredients and decorations for our Burns supper and we compared the prices between Asda and Tesco to find the cheapest price as we only had a budget of £30. We also created maps to help us get to the Burns Supper using directions and positions like a 1/4 turn anticlockwise or 3 steps forward. After lunch we made our own poems for Rabbie Burns and we used ‘To a Mouse’ to help us which is one of his most famous poems. Some of us created poems titled ‘To a Dug’, ‘To a Horse’ and ‘To a Croc’ It was great fun! Once we have editied our poems we will post them for you to read.

Have a Haggisy Day

Primary 5

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    Primary 5

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