Independent Reading Time

I am holly in p5 and I am reading Horrid Henry’s Underpants. Its a really good book. Its about a boy that gets his presents mixed up with a girls present. That’s all I  know about it so far.

Im Chelsea in P5 and I am reading Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson. The book is about a girl called Lily. Lily’s mum goes off with her new boyfriend on holiday and leaves Lily with her 2 sisters Pixie and Bliss and her brother Baxter.

Independent Reading Time is a time when we get to read our books. We get to read our books everyday except Friday’s in the class or we get to read them at Junior Librarian on Thursday’s. We get to read them for 15-30 minutes. It is pretty fun. We get book logs to keep track on what we’re reading and we keep them in our Learning Journals. Reading is pretty fun now!!

We would recommend these books to any boy or girl who likes to get stuck into a good book and who likes to read a series of books.

Holly and Chelsea 

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  1. Wow! Reading does seem like fun in Primary 5. Keep up the good work and enjoy your books Holly and chelsea.

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