Our work in Primary 2 so far…

Primary 2 have been working extremely hard this term so far. We have carried out lots of work on our sea creatures topic and have produced many great pieces of writing and some very beautiful art work. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the learning we will be undertaking in Primary 2.

Miss McKay

3 thoughts on “Our work in Primary 2 so far…”

  1. What a fantastic start to the year P2. You have obviously been very busy. I am looking forward to seeing your sea creature art work next week.

    Mrs Blair (P6)

  2. Wow! Sea creatures. My favourite sea creature is a Starfish. Do you have any Starfish art work you could show me? Would you come along and show me? Remember ‘There is no such thing as can’t do in Primary 2.’

    Thank you

    Miss Mitchell

  3. Wow! I know everyone will be enjoying the topic Sea Creatures in P2, we had such a fantastic day at Deep Sea World in P1, do you remember the largest shark? do you remember it’s name?! I am sure you will all be producing wonderful art work for your topic and well done on the great pieces of writing, keep up the hard work, you are all superstars!!!
    Mrs Oliver

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