Carols at Fa’side Lodge

On Tuesday, 20 December Primary 7 walked to Fa’side Lodge to entertain the residents there with some carol singing. Primary 7 were brilliant and sang all the carols with great enthusiasm. The residents clapped at the end of each carol and some had a little tear in their eyes – perhaps remembering Christmases past…. One of the residents, a lady called Molly, showed off her dance moves or conducted the class like a professional choir – she had a great time! The Primary 7 children showed how well they could mix with the older generation by spending time chatting to them and wishing them a very happy Christmas. Well done Primary 7 on a very successful afternoon out. You were a credit to your families and the school. I wonder how many of you tried out the new dance moves you learned at your Christmas Party that same night? Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.