WHAT IF’S…! during thinking skills time

Today the 20th of February 2012,  my class were talking about “What If’s.” Here is some questions Miss Mitchell asked us to think about, dicuss and give reasons for our opinions.

What if there were 2 moons ?

I said “It would  dark all the  time.”

My class mate Rhys said “It would be light all the time”

We had to give reasons for our thinking. Mine was that one moon would be at one side of the earth and one wold be over the other side. Rhys’s reasoning was because it was two full moons it would look like day time, not night time.

The other question was: What if trees would only grow in snow?

I thought  we would go all unhealthy because  it hardly snows  because fruit grows on trees all over the world.


The next question was: What would happen if people controlled the weather?

I thought it would be a bit weird as it would never be one weather in a day. Like if it was snowing and nobody wanted it to snow and they wanted it to rain and somebody else wanted it to be sunny it would go weird. It would be a bit too much and I couldnt go out to play because it would be sunny one minute and then raining the next.

Oliver said he would want it to snow so he could get holidays! At the weekend there would be lots of sunshine so he could play outside.

The lesson was quite good because we talked about quite a lot and got lots of information and different opinions backed up.

We were comparing our questions and reasons, arguing our opinions and discussing others thoughts.

By Tyler Dury P5



2 thoughts on “WHAT IF’S…! during thinking skills time”

  1. What if’s are great for getting you to think and ask questions. Primary 5 really seem to have done a lot of thinking and asking questions. Did anyone else give such good answers? Well done Tyler and Rhys!

  2. What an interesting time you must have had – I love questions like this! Mind you, it’s just as well that I can’t control the weather. It would never rain …. good or bad idea ? What do you think ?

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