Father Mike Visits Us

Yesterday, our parish priest, Father Mike, came to visit us in school. He came primarily to see the Primary 4 pupils who are going to be confirmed next week and to talk to us all about The Holy Spirit. It was great to have time to speak to Father Mike and ask him lots of questions. We had questions such as:

Q: Have you ever seen the signs of the Holy Spirit?

A: “Yes. I see the effects of the holy spirit all around me. Courage, Awe and Wisdom are amongst my favourites.”

Q: How long have you been a priest?

A: “I was ordained on the 12th of Decemeber 1978, 34years ago this year.”

Q: Do you like your job?

A: “I love what I do. I get to meet so many people. I was ordained to be with people. If I was to work in another job, I don’t think I would be the same person I am today.”

We then started talking about Angels. Leeroy in P5 asked Father Mike “Have you ever seen an angel and if so what did they look like?” Father Mike then asked us to answer this one. Katey in P5 said “An angel is someone who can fly” and Leeroy added ” It’s someone who God chooses. They have wings and are bright people who look over us.”

We found out lots about Father Mike that we didn’t know already. He became a priest 34years ago on the 12th Dec 1978 and was planning on being a quantity surveyor but decided to join the priesthood instead. We found out that he usually baptises around 15-20 babies a year although when he was in Nigeria he baptised 40 babies in ONE celebration! He also showed us his collar and spoke to us about the uniform that a priest has to wear in order for his people and the community know who he is. Someone who can help us.

Thank you Father Mike for taking the time out to come and speak with us. We hope to see you soon.


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