St Martin’s Primary leading the way with equal opportunities campaign.

We are in the Newspaper!





We are working to become a Right Respecting School.

As part of this journey we have been working in class on understanding the differences between needs and wants and that with every right that we have comes a responsibility.

We are about to embark on a whole school project focusing on the work of ‘Water Aid’¬†throughout the world.

Each class will look at the impact that ‘Water Aid’ has had and is having on a specific country.

Nursery: simple needs of Water

P1: Bangladesh

P2: Pakistan

P3: India

P4: Malawi

P5: Ethiopia

P6: Haiti

P7: Afghanistan

At home pupils may wish to look at the weblinks included in this post to help with their research.

Well done to all pupils for their kind and caring attitude to other children throughout the world.

We look forward to seeing each classes ‘Showcase of Learning’ before the Easter Holidays.



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