Autumn/Winter School Menu

Autumn-Winter Menu 2013-14

Please find attached the Autumn Winter Menu for the pupils of St Martin’s. This menu will be displayed in all classes for the children to refer to as well as receiving a copy to take home.

It is important that your child knows whether they are having a packed lunch from home OR whether they wish to have a school dinner. Having a dialogue with your child the night before school or before school in the morning is important so that they can make that informed choice with you and know what they have got to look forward to.

We shall be continuing with the ‘Lunch Band System’ and it is your child’s responsibility to ensure they take their band in the morning at register time and that they keep them on their wrist throughout the morning. Teacher’s will remind children to collect their bands first thing in the morning.

Our Winter options are:

Blue – Meat option

Green – Vegetarian option

Yellow – Baked Potato

* Please note that there is no longer a ‘Salad Option’ (Orange Band) as we are entering the Winter months. Your child will however still be able to have salad with their main option or hot vegetables if they would prefer.

There is also the possibility of having a ‘Sandwich Friday’ for your child. If you wish a packed lunch to be made up for your child on a Friday, please send the lunch money in with your child and that can be provided for them.

Many Thanks

Fiona Hayes