Day 3 in the Benmore House!

So today we started off a little slower than yesterday! We are getting very tire but we still had to be up at 8 o clock to get ready for breakfast at 8:30. Today on the menu was sausage and scrambled egg, cereals, yoghurt and porridge. We ate as much as we could and then we went with back to our dorms to carry out our duties. Today’s duties were sooooooo good that we were given a 10/10 for tidyness and the ability to work as a team. The instructers are very impressed with us. We still ahve things to work on for tomorrow.
We then went to our first activities then lunch (soup and filled rolls) and then our afternnon activities.
Today the activities that we all go to do were; High ropes (even Mrs Hayes jumped off the trapeze!), canoeing, gorge walking (Tyler and Saul got very very wet!), orienteering (Ronan, Danny and Rhys LOVED it) forest walking and climbing.
We are all really trying to get the best out of this Benmore experience and while things are a little ‘scary’ its worth pushing ourselves. We have been learning about our own limits and how far they can go.
We had tea and cake at 5 0 clock as usual and we are now about to go and have our steak pie, potoatoes, brocolli, carrots and fruit salad for dinner.
Last night our night activity was a scavenger hunt. I wonder what tonights will be…….stay tuned to the Benmore Blog!

Mrs Hayes and P7

2 thoughts on “Day 3 in the Benmore House!”

  1. Sounds like you are having a ball!! Glad to hear rhys enjoyed orienteering and managed to make it back! Looking forward to seeing you on friday and hearing all about it!!

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