Day 2 in the Benmore House 2014!

So…. today has been another great day. our first full day and we are having a great time. Group 9 went Kayaking and for a forest walk that included some cool games and lots of mud and puddles. We then went pond dipping and found some beetles, water boatmen and a newt. Group 10 went gorge walking today and caving. It was a very active day. We are currently writing our diaries after filling our tummies with Chicken Curry, mango chutney and rice followed by arctic roll and fresh fruit. We have been keeping hydrated with lots of fruit juice and water. Another school have arrived today and we are starting to mingle with them to try and make new friends. This evening we have a night activity and then bed for 10pm tonight so that Mrs Hayes and Mrs Bagnall can get their beauty sleep. We are also getting the opportunity to go to the tuck shop tonight.

Tomorrow, there are lots of activities that we could be doing. Dependent on the weather we may be going kayaking and sailing BUT don’t forget to be back in time for TEA AND CAKE Mrs Hayes!!

Day 2 in the Benmore House 2014 – Primary 7 on PhotoPeach

Day 2 in the Benmore House – Primary 7 on PhotoPeach

David’s favourite moment – Playing prey and predators on the forest walk.
Gerda’s favourite moment – Kayacking with my group. We went to the end of Loch Eck. We played games and made rafts and we played the YMCA on the boats. We then went for a wee swim. EVEN MRS HAYES WENT SWIMMING!!
Andrew’s favourite moment – gorge walking was fun.
Katie’s favourite moment – enjoyed the forest walk. It was really fun because we were working together even though we slipped. We tried to help each other.


Shaun – I’m not as scared of small spaces as I thought I was.
Gerda – I really don’t like water but I was proud of myself.

Laura would like to be a little more responsible in the activities.
Mikaela – I would like to learn to accept help when people offer it to me.

15 thoughts on “Day 2 in the Benmore House 2014!”

  1. Awww love seeing a massive smile on Jacks face like that – all the kids look like they are having a ball

  2. Brilliant! It’s great to hear and see what you have all been up to. It’s sounds like you are all having a great time. Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s blog.

  3. Have just viewed the photos, they are great, keep them coming!!! Jenna looks like she is having an absolute ball. xx

  4. Hi Trisha,

    I’ll check with Lewis about the toothbrush situation! A finger and toothpaste it may have to be!!!!

    P.S the water was freeeeezing, however Lewis was the first one in helping everyone make it to the shore. Lets see how sailing goes this afternoon!

  5. Hi lovely pictures can u put some up of the other group thank u hope ure haven fun alisha x

  6. Heh Julie, missing you lots, mummy showed me your pictures hope your all having lots of fun. Love Sarah xxx
    Ps my tooth fell out on Monday yippee!!

  7. There are some great pics of Alisha on the blog when she was in caving but I’m just about to put some more up. Some great pics from today as well. I hope you like them.

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